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In early 1989, a group of executives from the Philippine Center for International Exhibits, then the biggest organizers of trade fairs in the country, formed the Philippine Exhibits and Trade Corporation, PETCO’s former name.

PETCO as the name suggested, had for its main objective organizing exhibits and conferences, with the secondary aim of engaging in the trading business both in the domestic and international markets.

In September of the same year, PETCO launched the first Motorshow International (Philippines) at the Folk Arts Theater.  The theater opened grounds, signaling the birth of what would eventually evolve as the country’s first and only international automobile and cycle exhibition.

By December, the first edition of Boom na Boom Carnival went underway in the area within the Cultural Center of the Philippines that used to be a swampland.
PETCO then ventured into organizing and marketing other events such as Cebu’s Sinulog Festival, Bacolod’s Masskara Festival, the Cebu Palarong Pambansa, PBA Provincial Games, as well as national conferences and conventions, concerts, circuses and country fairs to name a few.

The company has likewise organized international trade fairs and exhibitions.
PETCO officially changed its name to Philippine Exhibits and Themeparks Corporation in 1993 to signal its major thrust of effectively promoting themed events in the Philippines. Earlier in 1989, it set up the office in Cebu City where the company has increasingly been active in trade shows and promoting special events.

WE are a professional exhibitions / events management company with expertise in conceptualization, production / organization and management of the following events:

• trade shows and exhibitions
• conventions / congresses / conferences
• corporate events, product launchings
• festivals
• stagings
• entertainment shows, concerts
• sports events
• music fests
• seminars and other high-impact events

PETCO also manages the Cebu International Convention Center.

In less than two decades of operations, the Philippine Exhibits and Themeparks Corporation, more popularly known by its acronym, PETCO, has proven its edge as the undisputed leader in the exhibits and events management business in the Philippines.

This comes as no big surprise, considering the wealth of talent and management expertise that we have pooled into the organization since its formation in 1989. Continuously harnessing these dynamic qualities into a professional and efficient team is the pioneering spirit of our people. The spirit and dedication to our craft dated a long way back, and the vast experience of PETCO’s founders has certainly proved to be a solid foundation from which our organization draws its inner strength.

PETCO is a dynamic team of over 100 years of combined experience in the areas of trade shows, conferences, festivals, special events management, marketing communications / promotions, and public relations, with an extensive international networking and exposure. The PETCO Team has organized and pioneered some of the country’s major expositions and tradeshows over the past 28 years.

PETCO’s founding officers are collectively responsible for organizing almost 500 events in the Philippines and outside the country, from trade fairs to exhibitions to carnivals to conferences. They are instrumental in introducing and institutionalizing new concepts that have become standards in the local industry.